Glennys is available to do workshops for schools, or for business orginisations. She will share with you her story and connection to the country.

Guests are encouraged to create their own aboriginal inspired masterpieces using either acrylic or natural ocres.

The maximum number of people attending the workshops can be 15 otherwise extra costs will incurr for another helper for the workshop.

The Wellskills workshop was held for the Australian Institute of Welfare and Community Workers Inc.  Glennys told the group of her journey and how her Art became her way of expressing her culture and a therapy for dealing with day to day issues.


“Your workshop gave the participants a wonderful journey through the land and places by your presentation of Art Therapy. The stories based on your Aboriginal Culture, are relevant to to-day’s multicultural society.”

Alla Craigie
Hon Secretary


The Asia Pacific Screen Awards were held on the 27th November 2009. Over the week leading up to the awards Glennys held 3 workshops for the visiting overseas Judges, Actors, Writers, Directors and Producers who had been nominated for an award in film. 
Glennys displayed pieces of her art and spoke to the participants about her art and the different ways in which Aboriginal Art is portrayed.
Each participant created a piece to take away. One person did a painting to tell his story of a political rally held by his people.  Another painted a blossom tree, another painted a story about water. Each person told their own story.
The workshops were well received by the participants and APSA. The Icing on the cake was to see Best Feature Film won by Aboriginal Director, Warrick Thornton,  and Kath Shelper Producer, for “Samson and Delilah”.


“The workshops were very well received by our international guests with many taking away more then just a piece of art they created. It was a great experience and they have great memories and stories to take home to their countries and regions.”

Melissa Price,
Events Manager